Deborah Abildsoe • Founder

Deborah Abildsoe’s extensive background in the investment world fueled her desire to create a company that could shift its focus to individual client needs.
In 1999, Deborah founded GSB Wealth Management (Asset & Retirement Investment Associates) with the goal of providing individualized asset management strategies to high net worth clients. She believed that clients deserved a better alternative to expensive cookie-cutter portfolios offered by large firms, and instead began offering transparency in an industry laden with hidden fees.

Together, Deborah and her team build customized portfolios that their clients can easily understand. She believes that creating tailored solutions gives her clients the ability to "open the paper and find their investments," a stark difference from the annuities, hedge funds, private placements and mutual funds offered by others.

In addition, she also specializes in advising clients with TIAA-CREF accounts and co-authored "Understanding TIAA-CREF" published by Oxford University Press as well as several articles published in The New York Times and Trust and Estates Magazine. Her extensive knowledge helps clients make sense of the complicated retirement world.
Her 35+ years of experience in the investment arena include many years with Den norske Bank, Norway’s largest commercial bank, Merrill Lynch, Bank Boston and First Union. She has been quoted in the New York Times, spoken to peers on behalf of Fidelity Investments, and was named a 2014 Woman of FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real-Estate).

Deborah resides in Guilford with her husband. She is active on the board of The Guilford Free Library, is a Corporator of the Guilford Foundation and served many years on the board of The Guilford Art Center.
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