Our Mission

Investing Approach

Our client’s foremost desire is to first preserve their capital, and second to grow their capital. To this end, our portfolio managers build custom tailored portfolios on premises to meet the unique financial objectives of each individual client. Portfolios are well diversified and anchored in solid dividend paying equities and high quality fixed income instruments. We want our clients to know exactly what they are investing in and what it costs, in a professional environment.

At GSB Wealth Management, we focus on solid investment vehicles that have demonstrated strong historical results and have withstood the test of time. A typical portfolio will own a mix of common stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents depending on the investment objectives of the client. We believe that common stocks are the anchor in a well-diversified portfolio and being the primary growth engine, should have some representation in most if not all accounts.

We are in constant search for quality franchises with the aim of purchasing them when we believe they are trading below fair value. Fixed income investments can be an excellent diversifier, performing well when other asset classes are struggling. As such, we invest only in securities with full faith that principal and interest will be paid on schedule in any economic environment.

GSB Wealth Management believes in transparency and accountability to each and every client that we are fortunate enough to work with. As a firm, we strive to minimize external fees above and beyond the annual asset based fee that is charged to our client’s accounts. We accomplish this by avoiding opaque and potentially expensive products such as annuities, hedge funds, private placements, and mutual funds having high internal expenses and/ or entry and exit fees.

Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of assets under management firmly placing our interest squarely on the same side as our clients. Unlike commissioned advisors we are not paid on a per transaction basis nor with hidden mutual fund fees or other opaque pricing structures.

GSB Wealth Management places the highest priority on maintaining our reputation for integrity and professionalism. That reputation is a vital asset to our business, and we will continue our endeavor to protect the confidence and trust placed in our firm by our clients.