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Newsletter – October 2019

Happy Fall!  I say this as it is over 80 and humid to be followed with temps in the 40’s later tonight.  Only in New England! We spoke in our last quarterly newsletter about navigating through this economic and political environment like a pilot flying IFR (instrument flight rule) where visibility is low and the […]

Newsletter – July 2019

Dear client: We finished the March 31 newsletter with the statement “now is the hardest time to invest”.  We begin the current edition with “now is the hardest time to write a newsletter”.  We will explain in a few minutes! We all must admit that the stock market can be a confounding creature.  After looking […]

Newsletter-April 2019

Dear Client, Our previous quarterly newsletter written at year end was titled “Welcome to the new reality”, coming hot off the heels of a swooning stock market that cut a quick 20% off the major averages from late September through Christmas Eve.  We discussed four reasons why the environment had changed, from rising interest rates […]

Newsletter-January 2019

Dear client, All of us at GSB Wealth Management hope you had a great Holiday season and a Happy New Year!  We enter 2019 on a much different stock market trajectory than we have witnessed in much of the past 10 years.  In fact, 2018 is the first year since 2008 that domestic stock markets […]

Growing Investments-at GSB Wealth Management, business is personal.

Excerpts from an article that originally appeared in Seasons Magazines  Shortly after meeting with the principals of GSB Wealth Management LLC (GSBWM), one comes to realize several things: to call them merely “brokers” would be a misnomer. In fact, the term “broker” couldn’t be further from the truth. They love their work and their community, and […]

Newsletter – October 2018

GSB Wealth Management Newsletter, October 1, 2018 *See note at the end re: trade fees Dear client, With fall upon us we thought it might be educational to look at the mid term elections coming up in November as well as the gubernatorial election right here in Connecticut.  No, we are not going to talk […]

9th Annual Kate Gala

Ann Nyberg and Deborah Albidsoe pose with the Spirit of Katharine Hepburn award.  At GSB Wealth Management we are proud to be involved in our community. Last Saturday, August 25th, we attended the annual Kate Gala, an event we have sponsored for the past 4 years. It was an evening of great food, music, and […]

Newsletter – July 2018

GSB Wealth Management Quarterly Newsletter 6/30/2018 Our last newsletter started with “Happy Spring” coming out of March after four consecutive Nor’easters and trees and limbs down everywhere.  I was debating whether to start this newsletter with “Happy Summer” but decline to do so after being caught in the May 15 tornado and now suffering 8 […]