GSB Wealth Management

Founded in 1999, GSB Wealth Management, LLC (formerly Asset & Retirement Investment Associates, LLC) provides individualized asset management to high net worth clients.  Unlike large firms, all portfolio construction and research is done on-site, allowing us to personalize investment management and retirement solutions.
At GSB Wealth Management, your portfolio will be designed on-site by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience.


GSB Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser providing custom investment management and retirement services.  Our team constructs tailored portfolios to fit the individualized financial needs of our clients.  We invest in high quality equity and fixed income securities.  We distinguish ourselves from other investment firms in that we rarely utilize proprietary products and third party management solutions.  As such, we try to avoid multiple operating expenses and management fees.  We believe in transparency, enabling our clients to easily track performance and understand expenses.
Don’t settle for high cost generic solutions.  Our team designs portfolios with your specific needs in mind.


Deborah Abildsoe founded GSB Wealth Management (formerly Asset & Retirement Investment Associates) in 1999 with the goal of offering a personalized and customized experience that brokerage houses and large banks often do not provide.  In 2011, GSB Wealth Management became an independent subsidiary of Guilford Savings Bank as a means of strengthening the value proposition to clients.  Throughout its history, GSB Wealth Management has not lost sight of its original objective.  The GSB Wealth Management team applies a wealth of experience to their investment portfolios, tailoring each to the unique desires and needs of the client.
AT GSB Wealth Management, TRANSPARENCY IS PARAMOUNT.  You’ll know the exact securities in your portfolio, and easily track performance and expense.